MEFO-BOX version for heavy loads

The MEFO-BOX version for heavy loads was developed specifically for cleaning and transporting large and heavy parts. The use of thicker rounds (wire diameter 4 mm compared to wire diameter 3 mm for the standard version) allows you to achieve higher load and stacking capacities. The MEFO-BOX version for heavy loads is available in mesh width 12 mm. The adjustable lid is also available in the version for heavy loads as an accessory. In addition - depending on the load - the inserting bottom (mesh width 12 mm) and clamping lid as well as the compartment rods with cotter pin (S-E) or nut (M-E) in the standard version may also be used with the MEFO-BOX for heavy loads.

MEFO-BOX Standard series

Part No.   Mesh width MW   Outside dimension L2 x B2 x H
MF4006/12-SL     12     651 x 471 x 300
MF4011/12-SL     12     651 x 471 x 400

All dimensions in mm (if not otherwise specified)
* The load must be evenly arranged.

Download Brochure

For further details and technical specifications please refer to the
MEFO-BOX Brochure (PDF 6 MB)