More than just cleaning and transport baskets

We have been manufacturing cleaning and transport baskets for more than 25 years. Our products and systems continuously set new benchmarks in the market. This is thanks to our extensive know-how and many years of experience both in industrial cleaning technology and in the processing of stainless steel wire. We use this specific knowledge to develop transport and cleaning basket systems which are optimally matched to our customers' requirements, and to offer them genuine added value - through minimised repacking processes, optimised internal logistics and the economic fulfilment of continuously increasing cleanliness requirements.

Our quality requirements include ensuring that your investment in our products can be amortised within a short time.

Profitability starts with consulting

We do not ask what you want the cleaning and transport basket to look like. We are more interested in the basic conditions under which you will use it.  This information is then used to derive the optimal solution for your application.

If technically advisable, we will recommend standard components such as the MEFO-BOX system with the standard dimensions of the cleaning machine manufacturers. This offers tangible advantages for you, including immediate off-the-shelf availability as well as compatibility with customary boxes and baskets. In addition, off-the-shelf products are more cost-effective than customised solutions.

Last but not least, the MEFO-BOX system can be extended and supplemented at any time according to your requirements ? with additional standard accessories such as the flexible MEFO-VARIO, MEFO-SYS or customised accessories and workpiece holders.