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02.2009 JOT International Surface Technology
Simple Transfer from the Workpiece Holder to the Blister Pack
When workpiece holders are specially designed to match the packaging, components can easily and safely be transferred to blister packs. A new manual rotating device makes this process simple even in the case of heavy parts.
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01.2009 JOT International Surface Technology
Handling Reduced by 90 Percent
Tailor-made parts baskets give a supplier to the automotive industry a more efficient cleaning process and, at the same time, significantly reduce manual handling during the packaging process.
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01.2009 TechInternational
Economic component cleanness
La durata, i risultati e i costi della fase di publizia dei pezzi durante il processo produttivo dipendono largamente dall'utilizzo del cestello di lavaggio "giusto". I portapezzi standard o personalizzati della Metallform Wächter GmbH (Bretten, Germania) offrono un enorme potenziale nell'ottimizzazione del processo di publizia.
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