The MEFO-BOX system - the optimal solution for countless cleaning and transport tasks

Parts handling with minimised repacking processes not only saves time and effort, it also reduces reworking and rejections due to damage. This in turn reduces production costs.

And reducing production costs is what the MEFO-BOX system is all about, with its uniquely wide range of accessories, which are available off-the-shelf. From production, through initial and final cleaning, right up to assembly or dispatch, the entire workpiece handling process can be carried out easily, quickly and gently with the MEFO-BOX system. To meet your individual requirements, the system is available in various series:

The dimensions of the Standard series are designed for use with "Schäfer" boxes.

The inside dimensions of the Euro series are based on the inside dimensions of standard plastic carriers.

The Special series are based on customer requirements (e.g. BOSCH standard) and have been added to the standard range.


Download Brochure

For further details and technical specifications please refer to the
MEFO-BOX Brochure (PDF 1,6 MB)