Cleaning baskets

cleaning basket

If you want top quality, you can’t make any compromises

Top quality simply pays off. That’s why we manufacture our transport and cleaning baskets as standard from stainless steel rounds with an electrolytic polished surface.

The high-quality shine of our MEFO-BOX system components are literally eye catching. Electrolytic polishing makes the surface extremely smooth and closed. The valuable appearance also has a positive side effect because the baskets are handled more carefully as a result.

Components of the MEFO-BOX system

The use of this high-quality, durable and long-life material offers you many convincing advantages:

  • Suitable for all cleaning agents

  • No return contamination from the basket to the component

  • No contamination of the baths due to corrosion and zinc separation

  • Optimal drainage behavior of the wire baskets and minimized carry-over of cleaning agent in contrast to closed and perforated boxes

  • Uncompromising cleaning quality, since no sheet metal frames or angles are used

  • No accumulation of particles and no formation of dirt nests that can contaminate the component and/or cleaning agent

  • No sharp corners, edges or wire ends that could cause injury thanks to complete welding together of the rounds

  • Generous stacking frame of 16 mm corresponds to customary transport baskets and offers high stacking safety